Carpentry tools

Many people are indecisive when it comes to buying carpentry tools for home repairs. Maybe they’re not sure if they’ll use a tool enough to make it worth their while to buy it. Maybe they don’t know the right tool to buy for a certain job. I’ve done more home repairs than I can remember. Maybe I can help you out a little bit.

If I had to make a short list of carpenters tools I’d keep around the house for home repairs, a hammer would be first on my list. It’s so versatile you’ll use it a million times. I’d put a bunch of carpentry hand tools on the list also. Tools like pliers, a utility knife, crescent wrench, tape measure, and multi-tipped screwdriver for assembling projects.

Next on the list would be an assortment of levels. I’d at least have a two foot and four foot levels. They’re great for hanging pictures, leveling the refrigerator, or setting cabinets. You can also use a level as a straight edge to cut wallpaper.

Next, I’d get a good 50 foot, 14 gauge, extension cord. You’ll need it to use with a few carpentry power tools. A circular saw for sure, and maybe a small chop saw for cutting larger sized material and mitered corners. A power drill, and reciprocating saw too.

I’d also add several different ladders to my list. A 14 foot aluminum extension ladder for exterior house projects. A 6 foot fiberglass step ladder for painting, changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. And, a sturdy step stool for quick and easy decorating jobs.

I’d also include some yard tools on my list. Everyone seems to need yard tools for their yard, garden, sidewalk, and driveway projects. A shovel, hoe, garden rake, yard rake, sledge hammer, and wheelbarrow should handle most jobs.

Sorry, I guess my short list of carpentry tools wasn’t that short. Feel good at least, knowing that most of the carpentry work you’ll need to do can be done with the tools on this list. One last thing. Make sure you get quality carpentry tools and they’ll last you a lifetime.