No matter if you are looking for a mini pizza oven, a bagel grill or a toast preparer, there is one out there for everybody

Before buying a new mini oven you should consider a few points to make sure that you will not suffer from buyers remorse in the very near future ;-) The following features might well be decisive when it comes to buy a certain type of mini oven:

Size and Price

Ok, this one sounds like a no-brainer, but you still should keep it in mind. If place is not so much of an issue, because all what you need is a small table top oven, budget is always an issue – or at least should be- unless your name is Donald Trump. And in this case you can easily afford an oven made of pure platinum with diamonds as knows. If that doesn’t sound like you, you will be wise to set an overall price limit. And if you already know where you want to put your new purchase, you do well to measure the space in which you want to put it. If you have this two points sorted out: prize and size limits, you can proceed to choose your final type of mini oven.

Top Burners or not

Some models come with up to two additional top burners, if you need them or not depends if you plan to cook fully fledged meals or not. These kind of top burners are great to keep food warm and / or to heat up a moderate amount of liquids like water for tea or some soup. They are a nice bonus to have, but not necessary if you are looking for preparing only bagels, toasts and pizzas! What brings me to the function you might want to have with your oven:

Grilling and Toasting

A lot of people buy a small oven mainly for its capability to reheat quickly small amount of grilled, baked and fried food without it going soft and gooey like it happens with a microwave. If that sounds like you, leftover pizza or fresh bagel for breakfast, you certainly should consider one that has a good and powerful grill function included.

Specialty Ovens

Sometimes you just want to use it for one purpose. No matter if you are looking for a mini pizza oven, a bagel grill or a toast preparer, there is one out there for everybody. The only thing you need to know is what you actually want, and that can be the hardest part ;-)

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