The lighter the color or the paint,the more open a room will feel

Home remodel or home redecorating is a great way to increase the value of your home. If you are on the creative side, the job of decorating and renovating various parts of your home will be an interesting job. Here are a few basic ideas which will help you to begin your decorations to enhance the overall ambiance of your home.


Do an inspection on your windows and find out the various damages. The blinds may be broken in some places or the curtains may have faded or have outdated patterns. The valences may not be matching to the curtains at times. All these could be lending to an unsightly look to your home. You can think of changing the look and feel of your windows by using new window treatments. Look out for simple and elegant treatments which will be attractive and easy to maintain as well.


The floor is one of the most important aspects in any home. The clean and tidy look of the floor can influence the overall appearance of your home. If the rugs are worn out, you can buy new ones according to the room decor. If the flooring is also considerably damaged, look into several Do-it-Yourself kind of floors which are cost effective and easy to install. Laminate flooring is fairly cheap and can easily be done with two people. New flooring not only can increase the value of your home but the looks as well.


Do your walls have a dull look? You can consider repainting them with attractive and bright colors to lighten up the rooms. You can also paint them according to certain themes. For a different appeal, you can also use good wall papers which come in different colors, patterns and styles. You can choose the paint to complement your furniture, etc. Remember, the lighter the color the more open a room will feel.

The Small Things

Don’t try to cut corners to save money. Things like cabinet knobs, door hardware and switch plate covers can be pricey but not including them can devastate a great redecoration. A great looking room with new paint and accessories can be ruined by putting up your old, dirty switch plates or out of date door knobs.

For some quick decorations, you can do some small changes here and there by means of hanging a few beautiful wall hangings or paintings, placing attractive flower vases and other accessories. Most importantly, keep all the items in your home neatly organized. By doing this, you minimize clutter and increase the space around. All these will help you to add value to your home in a simple way.