Solar lights could also help save the environment

The basic technical design of most solar powered garden lights, are usually the same. There is usually a casing made of glass and plastic or metal, a solar cell on top for collecting power from sunlight, an AA Nicad battery for storing the collected power, a LED light source and a photo resister on/off switch for complete automation.
Solar powered outdoor accent lights are perfect for your porch or any outdoor area you wish to highlight. One can describe them as tubular objects with the above-described equipment and a flat base. Being wireless they can be moved at your convenience and simply left outside during the day and light up automatically at night. These make them perfect for any home or even for a business such as a restaurant for maximizing outdoor floor space. These lights can cost anything from $25 to $50 per unit, depending on the size and power range one requires.

A similar type of product are outdoor stake lights which have a basic design similar to that described above but with a sharp base which means they are easily planted directly into the earth. This design will be useful for any home garden but would also be perfect for a catering business that might find itself, organizing a garden party or similar function. These designs carry with them a similar price tag as that described above.

A more familiar design would be hanging outdoor lights; the only difference with these units is that they can be hung on a wall or post. They are of a shorter, compact design and often come in a charming old lantern design that will add a special elegance to a restaurant while again, maximizing floor space. A price range of $30 to $70 per unit can be expected depending again on power required and/or which casing one would want their lights in, plastic or metal. The same short, compact design can be found in solar deck lights and can be used to light outdoor grills and placed on tables. With a price tag ranging from $10 to a very powerful unit costing $129 per unit, these particular designs are perfect for restaurant tables or entertainment such as outdoor plays.

Other designs that one can acquire are the step lights that are often palm size. These can be attached to individual steps and thus serve to increase safety. They are among the cheaper designs due to the minimal size and power requirements and cost anything from $17 to $25 but are still ideal for garden lighting.

In conclusion the variety of solar powered lights available, are limited only by the variety of uses required of them. The similarities that each and every design shares are the potential saving they can gift any private home or business, both short and long term. One must also not forget their easy maintenance characteristics and easy mobility.