Gardening at home is constantly rewarding, and with the Aerogarden a back yard is no longer a requirement

Gardening at home is constantly rewarding, and with the Aerogarden a back yard is no longer a requirement. It is very difficult to find good, fresh produce year round, especially if you live in a big city that has a real winter. Canned vegetables lose many of their nutrients, most of the flavor in out of season fruits and berries vanishes while they are hidden away in storage and frozen veggies are the reason most people think that they don’t like to eat vegetables. The sad reality is, when the quality of our food suffers so does our health. Certainly anyone can grow their own but not everyone has the time or energy to dig up the vacant lot and indoor solutions, potted or hydroponic, are expensive, messy, and ugly.

The Aerogarden line of products makes hydroponic gardening easier and affordable. Realistically they are not suitable for all types of produce, and they’re not going to satisfy all of even the daintiest vegetarian’s needs, but adding some fresh fare to a conventional diet makes a world of difference. One of the easiest things to do to feel better is to eat better.

The Aerogarden seed kits take the guess work out of choosing varieties of plants that are well adapted to hydroponics. They cater to pretty much any tastes, from lettuce and herb mixes to flowers if the garden is for decoration alone. The kits are customizable as well, for those who turn up their noses at mesclun but need extra arugula. Nutrient supplies are available, of course, for braver gardeners who want to brave the waters with some un-tested seed. Components are even available to customize the entire setup to make accommodations for taller, larger plants.  You can even supplement the light they receive using indoor lighting systems, like LED grow lights.  This will allow them to get optimal light exposure.

For situations where space and budget limitations are a factor, the Aerogarden 3 comes in a variety of colors and designs. It is compact and attractive, at home on any bookshelf or counter. It would be difficult to cultivate something larger, like a tomato plant, but it is perfect to make sure that you always have a sprig of fresh basil or a head of crisp lettuce.

Fresh vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet year round. The Aerogarden allows anyone to take a more active role in their own nutrition and health while enjoying delicious food with minimal effort. The satisfaction of enjoying healthy home grown greens is the perfect cure for the big city winter blues.