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Modern Art Deco Style Home in New York

Modern art has always been equivalent to New York and this Art Deco style home designed by Belmont Freeman Architects just takes it to a whole new leve. I love how they combine modern art with clean white minimalist design to create this 3,600 sq ft. home situated in Atlantic Beach, New York. The design follows very minimalistic structures with white, clean and warm colors. The interiors follow a very modern feel to it and utilizes a lot of blank spaces to give you that sense of comfort with more spacious living spaces. I hope these photos can inspire...

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High Rise Luxury Penthouse Overlooking San Francisco Aquatic Park

If you’re living in the San Francisco Bay Area, this modern and luxurious penthouse apartment may just be a great choice for over the top luxury. Designed by California-based architect and designer Craig Steely, this magnificent penthouse overlooks the San Francisco Aquatic Park for the ultimate view. The apartment features a four-bedroom and four bathroom open space concept that still maintains privacy. The interior is open and very spacious. The floor is made from Black walnut which gives a very relaxing feel. The interior is architected in such a way that natural light can beam through the whole space....

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Ultra Modern Minimalist Home in Mediterranean Coast

Taking ultra modern minimalism to a whole new level, Spanish architecture firm A-cero creates this breathetaking vacation home in the Mediterranean Coast. The home takes a very simple and minimalist design that focuses on white, clean and bright palletes. The house itself measures 400m2 which includes two levels. The interior design is magnificent with very clean outlines and all white furniture. The home is complemented with a very beautiful scenery and includes a 90m2 swimming pool. I simply love it!...

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The Very Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

I have always struggled to keep my home clean from pet hair because of my precious little fluffy dog. He always love to play in the living room and leave his little fluffy hair all around the house. My biggest problem is that pet hair are very difficult to clean, let alone find those strands of hair in the rug. Eager to solve my little problem, I did some very in-depth research from customer reviews and consumer reports for finding the very best vacuum for pet hair that can deliver. Here’s what I found in my quest to find the ultimate vacuum cleaner that can handle different kinds of pet hair around the house: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Dual-Cyclonic Upright Vacuum The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Dual-Cyclonic Upright Vacuum is a one of the best examples why Bissell has always been a trusted name among the different brands of vacuum cleaners. For $122.99, you can definitely get the pet hair vacuum cleaner worth every penny. Other vacuum cleaners will tell you how good they can clean out pet hair, the Bissell pet hair vacuum on the other hand will show you how easy they can erase it! This vacuum has the cyclonic technology allowing it to clean a certain area once with twice as much power. This technology paired with the special brushes designed by Bissell makes cleaning any...

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Redesigning Your Room on a Budget

It’s a common misconception that breathing new life into a room has to be an expensive endeavour. With just a bit of ingenuity, creativity and a small outlay of cash, you can transform your out-dated living room or dining room with a fresh new twist. There are definitely a lot of ways on how to do this. If you’re willing to experiment with crafts and a spot of do-it-yourself projects, you might discover you have a hidden talent that can lead to some highly cost-effective ways to completely transform a room. Sure, your wallet might be feeling the pinch after the holidays, but you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to redesigning a room. With a bit of careful planning, single items can dramatically change a room’s look and feel, like plunking for a new sofa. For example, in the UK sofas at Tesco are an affordable means to add a new signature piece of furniture to a room. Alternatively, a large wall-mounted mirror can turn a cramped, dark room into one that feels brighter and more spacious – even a few carefully selected lighting solutions can have that same effect. Still sound a bit expensive? Well, there’s plenty of free or next-to-free ways to completely change a room. Why not reacquaint yourself with your sewing machine or break out the crochet kit and start churning...

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