The above design is inspired by a sidewalk café in New York City or some other metropolitan area

If you live in an apartment or small house or your family consists of only one or two members, then you really do not have use for a large breakfast nook table or corner breakfast nooks set. You need something more intimate and something that will fit better in a small space. There are several different options when it comes to a small breakfast nook.

Your first option is one that is inspired by a sidewalk café in New York City or some other metropolitan area. A small round breakfast table made out of some kind of metal like rod iron reminds the occupant of a café table. Sometimes there is a glass table top, but more often than not the top is also a metal surface. The chairs will be rod iron or a matching metal construction. Two chairs is common for this type of table.

Another option for a small and trendy table is a high top breakfast table like what you might see in a bar. Although these tables are common in restaurant bars or nightclubs, they also work well in breakfast nooks. A high top table reaches as high as the middle of your chest rather than to somewhere around your waste. Therefore, you need stool rather than chairs. You can use the same stool at your breakfast table that you do at your kitchen island and tie the whole room together nicely. The high top breakfast nook table is also good for social gatherings because people can stand around the table and talk easily to those who are seated there.

Your final option for a small breakfast nook or kitchen is a portable or roll away kitchen island. This piece of furniture often has a drop leaf that folds up on one side to reveal a shelf with two stools stored on it. You can roll the cart out into the open when you need seating for a meal, and then pack up the stools and fold down the leaf when you are ready to store it in a corner or against a wall. This is the best choice if you have a very small space like one you would find in an efficiency or studio apartment.