Before you even begin to look at curtains, measure the windows or area where the curtains are to hang

Window curtains can be put to good use throughout your home. Whether you need thick draperies for privacy or insulation, or if you want simple sheers to filter strong sunlight, finding the best curtains is simple once you know what to look for.

Before you even begin to look at curtains, measure the windows or area where the curtains are to hang. Be sure to write your measurements down, and make detailed notes. Before you head out shopping, look online to see which styles you find most appealing. You may even find what you are looking for without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Curtains come in an incredible variety of lengths and widths. Just remember, it is much easier to make too large a curtain fit a smaller window than it is to deal with a curtain that is too small! Extra fabric can be hemmed, tied up or draped elegantly, so err in favor of more fabric if you must.

Next, think about what function the window curtains will serve. Are you trying to screen light, or do you want to dress up a plain window? Are there separate blinds, or will the curtains need to serve multiple purposes? Do you want to combine drapes and sheers? More than one set of curtains can be hung on a single window, which adds style and functionality.

Finally, consider the way your curtain choice will impact the overall décor of the room or rooms you are planning to decorate. If you are removing existing draperies, it might be a good time to paint. If you want to paint, do it with the curtains removed, and wait until the last coat and any trim has dried before you put your new curtains up. It is amazing how incredible new paint and new curtains will make your room look and feel!

Remember to get the right kind of curtain rod for your new curtains or drapes. There is nothing more disappointing then getting ready to hang up new curtains, and finding that the old rod you’ve got on hand won’t work right. The newest, best curtain rods are available in all kinds of lovely finishes, and many are available with decorative finials that can really help tie your new look together. Happy shopping!