Double beds are both perfect for couples and even single people who prefer sleeping on a wide surface

Are you bored and tired of your standard king-size bed? Have you been sleeping in the same non-descript divan bed all your life. I’m sure most of us realize the importance of choosing a good mattress to sleep on but how many of us also take the time to consider other styles of bed that might bring a whole new look and feel to our bedroom and our lives. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting beds you might like to bring into your life.

A great favorite for any of you hopeless romantics is the canopy bed. Now many people just don’t consider this type of bed for their home, but why not? There are some really good models being made at very competitive prices in some very strong materials, just go online to check out the range. There are also plenty of very pretty canopy bed linens to choose from as well, find the right bed canopy to match your existing décor. This type of bed will make a real impact on your overall interior design plans and change the way you live.

Now if back support and sleeping comfort is your top priority have you considered a water bed? These beds have fallen out of fashion somewhat but amongst the small fraternity that uses them they are a way of life. Apparently the way these beds moud themselves to every contour of your body is second to none. Also the sensation of sleeping on a water bed is unlike any other. Not necessarily something for everyone but definitely worth considering if you are the adventurous type. Probably best to do some thorough research online before purchase.

What about a Sleigh bed? These beautifully designed bed frames have been a favorite in the US for a couple of centuries now. They are a good deal more expensive than a standard divan but they have such a classic timeless style that you will surely be able to hold on to this bed your entire life. Just make sure you pay the extra money for a quality version made from a top quality hard wood. With this bed you will be the envy of all your neighbors who will suddenly want to know where your sophisticated European taste came from!

So that’s just three double bed options for you to think about. There are plenty of others so before settling on a dull divan why not take yourself down to a big department store and see the full range of options.