Elegant Beach Themed Living Room

Almost everyone loves to go to the beach because it is so relaxing, fun and stress free. It is a time to let your hair down and let the ocean ways soothe you.

If you would like to experience that feeling every day then find some great tips to get your home in beach cottage shape with some beach decor and creative ideas.

First, you should pick a room that you want to make over. It is best to start with just one room and not the entire house; otherwise you will get discouraged with your progress.

Start in an easy room such as a bathroom or a guest bedroom or your room. If you want to change the look of the room around you should be ready to make a small investment in some shabby looking furniture such as a white dresser.

White or antique white is a great color to start with if you want a beach decor look because it is so fresh looking and can instantly brighten up a room. Whatever you decide on pick something you like. There are many different hues and styles of dressers so you should just go with something you like.

If you do not have a lot of money to invest then try hitting your local Salvation Army or a garage sale to scope out any items that you can refurbish. You can always sand and then paint something to bring out a new and fresh look.
Another way to create a beach theme is by investing in some shabby chic frames to decorate your home with. Shabby or old frames can look great if you decorate them with pretty seashells or starfish.

You can then hang them on your walls in pairs or display them on your dresser.
Gather those seashells and you can display them in elegant mason jars. This is a nice touch to any room and can make a pretty table centerpiece.

You can also use your seashells to make a nice piece of wall art. All you need is some corrugated cardboard, a glue gun and seashells. Cut the cardboard to fit a frame of your choice (8X10 or 11X14 size). This a chance to be creative and play with the shells and try to form a pretty shape onto the cardboard. You could try to create your last initial, a heart shape or anything else.
After you have the shape laid out, you just need to use your glue gun and pick up each seashell and glue it down! Frame your piece of artwork and display.

Find more decorating ideas try to browse through some decorating magazines or visiting online websites for more information.