Elegant Country Shower Curtain

If you are deciding to decorate your new bathroom make sure you take into consideration the shower curtain. This often overlooked furniture accessory can really help to transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Many people can spend a considerable amount of money modernising the bathroom with brand new plumbing. They install the latest showers and bathroom suites but pay little attention to the small details such as the use of luxury shower curtains which can create the finishing touches to their new design.

Today the home furnishing market has greatly expanded over the last 10 to 15 years due to the increased demand of more people who owning their property. People are taking pride in their homes and refurbishing them to make them look and feel more comfortable and welcoming. Also, decorating enables people to become more creative with the interior design of their home where they can incorporate their personal touch. This is absolutely true of the bathroom where furnishings and accessories have expanded considerably. People realise that a new well designed and decorated bathroom can add considerable value to their home.

This demand has created a huge array of products especially when it comes to shower curtains. People now realise they can make a huge difference to the design and feel of their bathroom just by adding the right themed shower curtain. Popular themes are country shower curtains. These traditional designs bring a sense of warmth and homely charm to the bathroom. They are available in an extensive range of fabrics, designs and patterns that include country farmyard scenes, country cats and dogs and plaid checks. If you prefer a more nautical theme then, coastal country ranges include beautiful and refreshing designs that will bring you back to your childhood days spent at the seaside.

As well as a huge choice of deigns you can you choose from a wide range of fabric shower curtains. Fabrics include synthetic nylon and polyester which are easy to wash. However, if you prefer natural fabrics you can choose from 100 % cotton or luxurious silk. Natural fabrics are more expensive and it is advisable that you use shower curtain liners to avoid bath water soaking the materials. As the bathroom is a place where there is a build up of moisture this makes it the perfect environment for mildew to thrive. Therefore, using a curtainĀ  liner will also help to prevent the build up of mould.