A personal style and touch with contemporary area rugs

Contemporary area rugs are one of these touches that make the home look and feel more habitable. As I have earlier mentioned in previous articles, the trend today is for the raw looking space to be interspersed with bits and pieces of personal style and touch. As such, you’d see primitive spaces being invaded and turned into a cozy abode for a modern city dweller. This is particularly puzzling, since spaces such as this would be likelier to house a workshop or office of sorts.

I actually did an interior design job with a living space just like this for a friend’s friend in Boston. Imagine high ceilings, red brick for walls, huge glass panels and a bland wooden floor. My initial reaction was to have a remodeling contractor do something drastic to the place such as smoothen out the walls for a wallpaper, not to mention add ceilings for a homelier touch. However, this particular client had a set budget and could only pay for the services of an interior decorator. Good thing she chose me. :p

Using Area Rugs Contemporary in Design for Your Living Space

I made sure that the place felt like a home and gave it an even more personal touch by making her living space blend in with the landscape. First, I got pieces that made the space look like it was made for human dwelling – picture frames, wall shelves, lamps, and a big modern painting that would hang from one huge expanse of wall. I got her roman shades for her huge windows, as well as a black leather sofa set by the fireplace. Lastly, I got her two large contemporary area rugs: one for the sofa set, and another for her sleeping area, which was by one of the windows at the other end of her room.

Contemporary area rugs will make any space look habitable

Can you imagine her room with the furnishings I described? The closest resemblance I can associate with it would be that of the set used in Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are video in MTV. My client actually lives in her space and I get an occasional ‘thanks’ through text every time she gets complimented for having a ‘rocking place’ and a sweet rug (referring to her contemporary floral area rug), as those compliment-givers would tell her, every time she throws a party.

What Modern Contemporary Area Rugs Bring to the Table

The spirit of having contemporary pieces in your house is that it gives off that feeling of modernity when blended with the other components of your set up. The contemporary area rug for your space, as with other decorative pieces and fixtures for the home, should impart that impression that would make people feel differently than they would in normal run-of-the-mill abodes. The different designs and patterns made available for contemporary area rugs by manufacturers today would be instrumental in making that feeling possible.

However, beyond the aesthetic, there are some benefits that contemporary age rugs have unlike its older counterparts. Synthetic materials such as viscose, nylon, and acrylic, to name a few, are being utilized to produce contemporary area rugs that are tougher and more resilient to stains, although less expensive to manufacture. I am talking about washable rugs, of course, that can stand daily scrubbing and cleaning without fading or having the material of the fabric deteriorate on you. Coupled with the fact that production techniques being employed today are cheap, contemporary rugs are virtually available for everyone.

Contemporary area rugs fit any home theme or setting

Contemporary Modern Area Rugs in Non-Contemporary Houses

It doesn’t mean, however, that contemporary shag area rugs are only for contemporary homes. As I have once said, rugs and other decorative pieces are meant to accentuate the beauty of a home. Using a contemporary area rug for a traditional home would be like putting an HDTV on an old wine cellar-turned-living room: it will work as long as the other components of your set up will accommodate its design.

Trends are still being set and one has to keep up lest be considered a dinosaur and left behind as a fossil of an older age. This applies to me especially since I am an interior designer in my spare time and I have to keep up with the latest interior design trends so that I can give output that would satisfy my clients. Basically, the current wave of interior design philosophy favors the concept of minimalism in a room but likes rooms that look industrial and raw. With enough furnishings, fixtures, and touches, just as a contemporary area rug, any house will look like a home, regardless of theme or motif.

If you like to try what contemporary area rugs would look like in your home, give Berber Contemporary Area Rug by Spectrum Rug from Amazon a chance. It has a very attractive design and can be ordered in different dimensions according to your needs. Moreover, it is made out of Olefin, the same material used in marine carpets, making it water and heat resistant. It looks lovely in my study and I bet it will look good in your home as well.