Wicker storage baskets are the anti-clutter

Clutter is all around us and you’d be a fool to think it didn’t matter. As an interior designer, I have had complaints about clutter from my clients and friends alike. I’d always give them the same suggestions before: build a shelf for all those objects you want to display and store everything else in Rubbermaid storage boxes that you’d set aside in either your attic or basement. Thanks to my friend Geline, however, I have had a change of heart; if you asked me how to get rid of clutter, I’d say wicker storage baskets.

The Advantage of Storage with Wicker Baskets

I don’t about you but I think wicker baskets look pretty, and so do people from centuries ago. In case you don’t know, wicker is a term used to describe any material which has been woven together to form a single sheet. Storage bench wicker baskets are often made from reeds, rattan, or hard plastic which, in their normal state, would look dull but when woven together look fantastic. Wicker storage boxes look good in almost any room theme, and my clients of varying home designs can all testify to this.

Lined wicker storage baskets are the anti-clutter because they can store almost anything and everything. The best part about them, unlike other storage spaces, is that they can be maintained in plain view of everything. Unlike plastic or cardboard storage boxes that are meant for storing but remain unsightly pieces of storage, wicker baskets, aside from keeping your belongings, actually add to the aesthetic value of any given room.

Wicker stair basket: a variation of wicker storage baskets

Variations of Storage Wicker Baskets

The good thing about dark wicker storage baskets is that they don’t just only come in one standard model. Unlike plastic boxes that only vary in sizes, wicker storage baskets also vary in terms of purpose and, accordingly, appearance and composition. A decorative large wicker storage basket with lids, for example, is a variant which is unlike the regular wicker baskets in that it is specifically intended to be displayed as a kind of useful ornament. I mean, regular wicker baskets themselves look good but these decorative variants with lids were meant by manufacturers to be used as pieces that beautify the house as well.

Another variation is that of wicker stair baskets, which are especially meant for use alongside staircases. Unlike normal black wicker storage baskets, a wicker stair basket has weird shaped bottom meant especially to fit the steps of a stair case so that it can be conveniently situated there. For me, wicker stair baskets are the best type of storage space because they save space through being situated on a part of the stair case while storing objects at the same time.

What Wicker Baskets for Storage Will Do for Your Home

As a storage space, wicker storage baskets will undoubtedly kill the clutter in your home and get it organized. A regular wicker basket looks like a shorter and more rotund waste bin although made out of woven material. Can you imagine how convenient it would be to have at least one wicker basket per every room in your house? Storing would be easy and classy at the same time.

Wicker storage baskets for an organized home in a snap!

Another thing, apart from being stable storage spaces, wicker storage baskets would be the perfect ‘instant de-clutter’ piece for your home. Remember, regular wicker baskets are like bins that would be useful to have in every room of your house. When a guest comes unannounced and you need everything to look tidy in a snap, all you have to do is drop everything unsightly in your wicker basket and you’re good to go.

If you want to store your belongings in ease and style at home, go for wicker storage baskets. You’ll look neat and organized without exerting that much effort – I guarantee it. Try out Large Seagrass Twist Wicker Storage Basket from Amazon for starters and tell me how it goes by leaving a comment in the comments section below. The design of this particular product is intricately elegant and can be used in almost any room theme or setting.