Frosted window films controls what people from outside can see in your home

If your house is in the sun all day and your windows have to endure endless beating sunlight, you might be facing a problem.  While natural sunlight is a great way to light your home, it does have some issues.  First of all, it makes rooms extremely warm, which can be a problem during the summer.  UV rays from the sun can damage your furniture by causing it to fade prematurely.  The solution to this is to find a UV window film that will prevent sunray damage to your home and your belongings.

By installing a window film, you can not only let natural sunlight into your rooms, but also keep the fading of your carpets and floors down to a minimum.  You can avoid having to hang depressing, dark curtains over your windows to block sunlight.  They’re ugly, too.  There’s no point to having a beautiful window view if you’re only going to block it, anyway.

It’s not hard to install a window film at all.  All you need to do is have the basic installation tools provided with the set, and you don’t need to hire anyone.  However, it is sometimes helpful to have someone who can assist you, mainly since the film will cling and roll up to its natural shape.  If someone helps you with this, you can avoid that problem.

Frosted window film is not only great on your home and your energy bill, but you can also actually get a tax credit just for putting the window tint in.  The stimulus package includes an energy section that means that for some types of window film, you can get a tax credit if it is put in prior to December 31, 2010.  The credit may actually apply to up to 30% of cost and installation of the UV window tint. This credit actually can be up to $1500.

You should check with a tax expert or attorney to see if your tint actually qualifies.  This way you can see if you’ll be eligible for a credit.