This lamp has switches that are highly sensitive to the human touch

A touch lamp, like any lamp, provides functional lighting in any room where it is placed. Every home needs a lighting source and the touch lamp readily provides this. Apart from providing lighting, this lamp also makes a beautiful decorative addition and helps set the mood in the room. For centuries, people had to settle with switches for turning on and off the lights but with the introduction of touch technology, alternative methods that do not require users to push switches are already available.

The alternative available to you is in the form of a touch table lamp. This lamp has switches that are highly sensitive to the human touch. This technology has been around for many years now and is not only used with lamps but for many other objects and equipment. The body temperature has been an effective activation element for various kinds of switches.

Our body can be a trigger point because it is generally warmer than the air in the surroundings. Sometimes, without even the need to touch anything, the mere presence can be the trigger point. For instance, many malls have employed human-sensitive doors that immediately open once a person stands near the door. This increases efficiency because the mall need not employ personnel who will open the door every time someone wishes to enter.

The security technology is known to use heat sensors too. For example, during the evening when security personnel cannot monitor every activity in the building, heat sensitive devices may be used so that an alarm can be triggered if an unauthorized element like a burglar gets into the building. Since a person cannot control the body temperature, the presence of someone with high temperature will be detected.

Touch lamps work in a similar way as the above examples. Using a touch lamp is pretty straightforward because you only have to touch one particular part or any part of the lamp and the light comes on. Touch the lamp again and the light goes out. This increases efficiency because less effort will be exerted with a touch lamp that with regular lamps. With regular lamps, you will have to push a switch or turn it in order for the light to switch on and off.

In these times when technology plays a great role in our life, using new innovations that are effective and also help increase efficiency might be good for us. You can start by using simple innovations like the touch lamp.