Daybeds have been around for decades and over the years have been labeled with different names

A modern daybed is becoming a common site in the homes of many people these days. The convenience of being able to take a quick snooze in the afternoon at a moments notice is just too attractive. These furniture pieces are also handy for people staying over, even more than one person, as most daybeds can accommodate two tired bodies. Designs and sizes vary and although most are constructed from wood, steel framed daybeds are edging their way into the market.

Daybeds have been around for decades and over the years have been labeled with different names. Chaise lounge is a very popular name for daybed. A chaise lounge actually slightly different, but still used for sleeping on. Another name was sofabed. Nowadays however; it appears that daybed is the preferred name. All over the world people are investing in a daybed and designers as well as manufacturers are busy meeting the demand. Unique designs like the Danish modern daybed are popular choices among many and there are still others who want the modern daybed with trundle as well.

People that have one or more daybeds in their living room or a separate room in the house, invariably have people over for the night. Indeed, having a modern daybed with trundle allows for more than one, or even two people, to stay. Designs for daybeds vary. Some resemble furniture from a bygone era; these have Victorian touches. Other styles are much more contemporary, with sleek and modern lines. The Danish modern daybed has changed over the years, too. It was once a rather cold, unwelcoming looking piece of furniture. Although its basic design has changed little, it is now a fashionable piece of household furniture.

The daybed is something that is not limited to only home use; there are small clinics and hospitals that make use of them. In clinic waiting rooms, one can often find a daybed positioned for patients that need to lie down while waiting to see the doctor. Even large hospital waiting areas have daybeds randomly set up for that sudden emergency. There are many other places, apart from the home, where one may find a contemporary bed. In the past daybeds were considered old-fashioned – something that grandmothers had in their living room. Nowadays however, modern daybeds are quite fashionable and as mentioned above, they’re found in many homes. Whether it is a Danish modern daybed or a modern daybed with trundle, they are not the pedestrian, anachronistic pieces of furniture from the past, but useful household furniture that add function and beauty to the home.