Oriental Rug Cleaning

When it comes to Oriental rug cleaning, you have to keep in mind that maintenance is the key. Regardless of the products used, nothing will truly keep your rug looking its best than by cleaning it as often as you can. Dirt, dust, and many other factors are what you need to be aware of and knowing how to go about the cleaning process is something you should definitely look into. Rough handling is what’s to be avoided, as this will lead to further damage. You will lose out on your precious rug and this might even mean irreversible damage. Make sure the right steps are done and that you know the basics.

Here are some important points that you should know when it comes to cleaning your Oriental rugs at home and in the office.

1. The first thing that you must do is put your rugs on a flat surface. Doing this will make the cleaning procedure easier, so keep in mind that the corners should not be flooded. After having done this, you may proceed to vacuum cleaning and once done, you can then flip the rugs over to have the other side vacuumed as well.

2. When all dirt particles have been removed, the next step is washing your rugs. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals will do more damage, so go for mild types of liquid soaps. Experts also suggest using detergents which have natural ingredients. The fibers of your rugs are very sensitive and of course you do not want to cause damage.

3. Once done applying your mild liquid soap or detergent, what you need next is a brush. Use it to brush your Oriental rug and while doing so, make sure you use linear or parallel motion for best results. Start with small areas and when thoroughly cleaned, you may then move on to the next patch, until the entire rug has been brushed. You may then hang-dry your rug, but remember not to do so directly under the heat of the sun.

Remember that these steps will make cleaning your rug an easy procedure. See to it that you choose quality products, as this means getting the best results possible. If you think the job is too much to handle, then maybe you should consider professionals for the task.