Closet Organizer

Does your closet look like as if it has been ravaged by a naughty pet dog? Have you thought about de-cluttering your closet since the past 5 years but haven’t lifted a limb up until now? Do the word “procrastination” ring any chime?

Quite surprisingly, there are many people who don’t do something about the cluttered state of their closet areas even with the availability of a wide variety of bedroom closet organizers. Much as they would probably want to get it orderly, there are just some factors that prevent them from getting started, and these factors can vary per individual. That is, some may not have any slightest idea on how to carry out the action while some people may not even know where to begin. But whatever these factors may be, a clean, tidy, and un-cluttered closet area can surely bring benefits for you to enjoy. That said, let me share just a few simple steps to get you started once and for all with less effort:

1.    Storage Boxes – Try to secure at least 6 boxes of at least 2ft x 2ft x 2ft sizes. Of course, these dimensions don’t have to be exact. Boxes with similar volume capacities would certainly fit the job. Just don’t settle for anything smaller. You can buy these boxes very cheaply at local grocery stores where they are most likely to be considered “scrap”. Just make sure to check if they are still clean and usable. Better yet, you can utilize the boxes you may have sitting around somewhere in the house. Label the 6 boxes as follows: “For Disposal”, “Footwear”, “Casual Dress”, “Formal Dress”, “Accessories”, and “Out Of Season Clothes”.

2.    An Empty Closet – This step involves leaving behind an empty closet for you to work on (i.e., fitted wardrobes, reach-in closets, walk-in closets, etc.). That is, you will have to take out all the clothing, gears, footwear, and other accessories that you may have inside the closet and categorize them into similar groups inside the respective boxes. Hanged items such as suits and formal gowns are better left laid down on the bed to avoid wrinkles.

Those that will go into the “Out Of Season Clothes” box are the stuff that you will not be wearing or using during a particular season. For example, during the summer season, you won’t need your thick wool jackets or leather jackets at all. Furthermore, they take up big spaces inside the closet anyways. This box should be wrapped in clear plastic sheets to protect it from dust and humidity. Stash this box somewhere in the house where it will be dry and clean.

In the same manner, those items that you won’t be wearing or using anymore (believe me, you will have a pile of this) should go into the box labelled “For Disposal”. As a general rule of thumb, you should already get rid of all the stuff you haven’t laid your hands on for about 8 months. If you haven’t touched them that long then chances are that you will not be using or wearing those anymore. However though, being labelled as “For Disposal” does not literally mean that they’re already headed for the dumpster. You can always donate them somewhere where they would be useful. There are many less fortunate people around the world that needs clothing. Besides, donating to charity always makes you feel good about yourself. Moreover, you can also open up a garage sale and reap some loose change. Whichever you choose, just do not be tempted to get them back into the closet thinking you would have some use for them later. Believe me, you won’t.

3.    Back To The Closet – After you’ve done sorting all your stuff, it’s now time to bring them back into the closet. As you go along this step, make sure that your items are all arranged in similar categories just as they were inside the boxes. If you mix them up, they will most likely end up in clutter again.

4.    Congratulate Yourself – After you have placed the last piece of item back into your closet, you will find that your closet now looks very neat and de-cluttered. Congratulate yourself for accomplishing the job like a pro.