Walk in shower

Homeowners in the process of remodeling a bathroom are faced with a multitude of decisions. Some are purely aesthetic, others are very functional. For some, there are additional decisions to be made regarding safety. In virtually every situation, available space must play into the decision. Whether the space is large enough for both a shower and a bath tub, many consider a stand alone, walk in shower enclosure as the best safety conscious choice.

This type of unit is simple to enter and exit, even for those in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. In most cases it requires only a very small step up to the level of the tray, or no step for those models installed flush with the flooring or that utilize a tapered ramp at the edge. This is particularly advantageous to both elderly consumers and those with small children where slipping or tripping may be an issue. Some models come with benches, providing an additional level of both comfort and safety for consumers. With any model, consider installing a spray head that is attached via a hose. This allows for a wide range of movement, including the ability for the consumer to be securely seated. This is particularly important for those worried about balance. It is also possible to have multiple shower heads installed, allowing the bather to avoid certain twists and turns, again limiting the likelihood of loss of balance. One might also consider adding safety rails or hand grips to their selection for additional peace of mind.

There are numerous shower enclosure manufacturers, most offering a wide variety of selections and styles. For consumers still fretting about both beauty and safety, consider discussing your concerns with one who is able to provide a custom shower enclosure. This may be your best step in insuring that you receive both the unit that fits most beautifully with your overall design, and also satisfies any safety concern you might have.