Where to rent a sod cutter?

A sod cutter rental is an effective way to clean your yard. A sod cutter is an equipment for clearing grass for a garden space. A normal sod cutter looks like a shovel with a serrated edge and a beveled back. It helps you remove the grass and its roots, making your site much cleaner than if you used a shovel.

There are also rental sod cutters with a blade the size and shape of a foot. You just clamp your foot onto the blade, walk across the yard and the sod cutter does the rest. You may also find sod cutters with a curved blade. Basically, as with most garden tools, there are multiple ways to get the same job done.

Sod cutters are one way to cut the costs for your property maintenance. Instead of hiring someone to  make your garden look stunning, renting a sod cutter will allow you to save some money. Not to mention the sense of personal accomplishment.

Renting a sod cutter is not hard. Most do-it-yourself and gardening shops give you the option of renting equipment. Before you rent any equipment, consider how long you will need it and what the weather report is, since you don’t want to rent a sod cutter for your garden on a rainy day. You may also consider how to transport the equipment home, in case the company you pick doesn’t offer transport.

At such a shop, make sure you check all the available sod cutters. Some are lightweight and easy to use, while others are intended for heavy use and may be difficult to manage. Never rent such a tool without having someone explain you how it works. You should also ask for safety concerns. Taking a piece of rental equipment and be unable to make it work is frustrating. Such a mistake is costly and  time consuming.

Renting is usually done by hour or by day. If you own a small plot of land, renting by hour is more cost efficient. However, you might consider renting by the day and sharing the costs with neighbours in the same situation.