Choosing a roofer that understands why this is important to you is the first step to having a trouble free roof that lasts.

A good roofer is sometimes hard to identify and in looking for a top Nashville roofer I developed some ideas that may help you find a good roofer anywhere. By the way this is pretty important as not all roofers are the same and some do really good work, stand behind their work, while others take shortcuts that could end up costing a homeowner a lot in the long run.

First I went to both the Internet and to the local yellow pages and made myself a list of companies I wanted to contact and on that I wrote down phone numbers along with their names. I followed up one each of them to the better business bureau and got ratings. This is a very good first indication of where there could be problems especially for the companies that have been in business for a while. If you can find out how long they have been business this is a little indication that there has or has not been enough time for problem patterns to emerge.

Next I went to the Chamber of Commerce and although their primary concern is promotion of local business, they may have some input if the company has an extremely bad reputation. With the companies that were left I began calling the offices and getting a list of references and ask them to provide some names and numbers I could call, based on the kind of roof I wanted to get. You may have to give the roofer what you want to do in detail and talk to them a little about your potential purchase to entice them to hand out references as well as to give them time to compile a list.

Finally of course, I called the references and ask them a series of questions. Things like the following:

1. Was this company’s price the best and if not why did you choose them?

2. What was the primary reason you choose this roofer?

3. Was the company what you expected in every way and if not, how did they let you down?

4. Did the company do your roof in the time allotted? Start on time and finish on time?

5. What was the worst thing about your experience with this roofer?

6. Did the company surprise you in either a good way or a bad way about the way the job, your roof, was completed?

7. What was the best thing about your experience you had with this roofer?

If you take these seed questions and pepper them with ones of your own you will find you have a lot more information about each of these roofers especially if you interview more than one roofing customer for each of the prospective vendors.

When you are all finished with this process you will have done almost all you can do to have a very complete picture of the vendors and you will be able to make a very educated guess about which company might be a top roofer in your city.