The sweeper product known as Miele S5 Ecoline Green recently received an accolade from a popular German consumer group.

For many years now, Miele has been creating gadgets that clean households and establishments, that are fitted with the very best components. The manufacturer provides longer lasting and outstanding ecologically-friendly gadgets. The truth is that the business has been producing goods that are beneficial to the environment for some time.

The sweeper product known as Miele S5 Ecoline Green recently received an accolade from a popular German consumer group. Consumer reviewers were particularly pleased with the ease of controlling the machine as well as its strong suction. The item is rated extremely high among the other sweeper products that have won this award in the last years. Among those who have won include the Miele S4 Ecoline and the Siemens VS06G2410.

The product makes use of 1300 watts of electricity in order to rapidly eliminate debris and dirt out of carpets and hard floors. Even though it makes use of a smaller amount of electrical power compared to other products, this particular sweeper functions as effective as some of the best brands, and that is a thing that a lot of models with power-saving features cannot do.

Dirt bags that are hyclean dirt bags are especially developed for the Miele S5 Ecoline Green. The multiple level filtration type paper is commonly employed to help make the actual bag tough, but lightweight. By using the bag, debris and dust will definitely stay exactly where they are supposed to be. A unique bag characteristic is that it distributes the dirt equally, which assists it attain a lengthier useful life compared to other bags. The device incorporates a distinctive exhaust filtration system, that may stop the minutest of air-borne debris from getting out of the chamber of the bag.

An original attribute of the Miele vacuum products may be the capacity of the operator to select from an array of filters, to satisfy particular requirements. The normal filter could be substituted for one made from a HEPA model or active charcoal. This can be a useful function when you have dogs or cats in your home and wish to free your flooring of odors. A HEPA filtration system is the ideal solution for many who are afflicted by allergies, because it puts a stop to mould spores as well as other contaminants from getting recirculated into the atmosphere.