the hotel beddings can be a great source of inspiration for the theme of your bed

People have different ways to express themselves. A person’s sense of style can be expressed in other areas other than the way that person looks and the kind of clothes that person wears. The bedroom is a typical place where people would usually express their personal sense of styles, here they can freely express their interests and create a room that is comfortable enough for them.

There are those however who seem to find it difficult to find a theme for their room, others on the other hand feel that there is no need for a theme in their bedroom. A couple of posters of their favorite rock bands plus a few do it yourself graffiti would be enough for them. Sometimes the problem that causes the clash of style is the lack of inspiration.

Find a Theme

If your sense of style is elegant, sophisticated, and even luxurious then a great source of inspiration for your room would be a hotel room. Everybody loves stylish and elegant hotel rooms. Having one for a bedroom isn’t such a bad idea too. This room can definitely be achieved with some research and by using a few simple elements.

The first thing to do in the process of transforming your bedroom into a hotel room is to change the look and feel of the bed first. Well, it is the bedroom and the bed should be the focal point of the room. In the same way the bed is also the main furniture of the hotel room and this is the furniture that creates the inviting feel in the room.

Easy Transformation

Changing your bed into a hotel bed does not really require getting rid of your existing bed and replacing it with the exact type of bed used in hotels. You can definitely make the most of your existing bed as well as the mattress and pillows. What you can change is the beddings.

Luckily you can easily find and purchase a hotel collection bedding in home stores. You can take your inspiration for the entire room from this bedding and slowly turn your room into one that looks like it’s been bought off from a hotel. Choose the hotel collection bedding that suite your taste and add certain elements that will complete the look.

More Details

Adding accent pillows and matching lamp shades can complete the look of the room as well. If you really want a major transformation of your room then changing the color of the walls may be necessary. If you have a particular color you would like to stick with then go for it and make sure to choose the hotel collection beddings to match. On the other hand if you think you will be going for different colored beddings but you still want to change the color of the wall, go for something neutral.

A big change in the bedroom can start with the beddings. You will surely be surprised how, by starting with the hotel collection bedding, you can easily create the hotel room look in your own bedroom.