Each table will be constructed a little differently, so there really isn't a definitive guide

When it comes to choosing a dining room tables, you are probably well aware of all the choices out there.  You can take your pick from wood, glass, metal, and any combination of these three materials.  While exquisitely beautiful tables can be made of any of these materials, glass dining tables will give your eating area a special look.  Before you spend your money and buy one of these, it is wise to learn a little bit about what they are all about.

The first thing that is important to know about glass tables is that they will differ in quality.  Each table will be constructed a little differently, so there really isn’t a definitive guide.  One of the most important things that you should look for is the thickness of the glass itself.  Try to find a table that has either 3/8 or half an inch thick glass.  There are differing opinions on how important this is.  The problem is that if the glass is too thick, it will be very heavy and cumbersome to move around.  On the other hand, if it is too thin, it can break easier if you accidentally knock it with something heavy.

The second thing you should know about glass table is that they are very easy to clean.  While certain unscrupulous furniture stores will try to sell you expensive cleaners for your new table, you really don’t need to get them.  In fact, cleaning a glass dining table is really no different than cleaning a mirror.  All you need to do is get out the Windex or other glass cleaner, spray it down, and wipe it clean.  That’s all there really is to it.  As for cleaning the legs and base of the table, it is pretty much just like any other piece of furniture in the house.  By the way, you can clean appliances such as bar fridges using the same stuff.  If you dust and wipe it clean every once in a while, you should be just fine.