Homemade peanut are not only cheap they are also healthy because of the natural ingredients it is made of

It is soon going to be christmas time and you are going to have to go all and buy gifts for everyone on your list – whether you’ve been good or bad. There has been a new trend in gift giving this season and is one that is close to my heart as a D . I . Y guy – an acronym for ‘Do It Yourself’ – giving gifts that have been made by your own hands is somewhat of a luxury that tells those people that you spent more time and thought than just money in getting them a gift to celebrate the end of the year and more importantly the beginning of a new one.

One of the nicest gifts that you can give someone is one that they will use. Think about it; another ornament made out of china that your mother will keep on the mantle hardly does anything to improve the quality of her life. The idea therefore, is to give gifts that enhance someone’s life in an unexpected way or atleast fulfill a basic need so that they are used. Giving advice on the former is a stone that I wouldn’t dare step on to, therefore, we’ll focus on the latter.

How about brewing your own batch of peanut butter to wrap and give away to all the awesome people on your list. It will let them know you have taken time out to think about them and will make them feel special. Just throw in a bunch of peanuts into your blender’s jar (I use the Vita Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500) , add a little sugar and peanut oil and whip away. In less than 5 minutes, your first batch of home made peanut butter will be ready. Add some more peanuts and set the blender to ‘pulse mode’ to get a niche chunky texture for your peanut butter. If you’re feeling lazy, just buy them a Vita Mix 5000 and be done with it though!