If properly cared for, a good area rug can last for decades

In this day and age, area rugs are becoming a more frequent piece of everyday home décor. They’re an extremely versatile floor covering because they can be both beautiful and practical. The main natural fiber that rugs are made from is wool. Wool area rugs are a great addition to any home and have many benefits over rugs made of other materials. Wool has been used to craft rugs for thousands of years because of its high durability and ease of access. These rugs are not easily harmed by children, pets, spills, or other familiar hazards. Rugs made with synthetic fibers don’t resist water, fire, or stains as naturally as wool does and are harder to clean and care for. Clean wool area rugs last longer and retain their natural look much easier than any other type of rug. For this reason they are the preferred rug in many homes.

If properly cared for, a good area rug can last for decades. Some have even become family heirlooms, being passed from one generation to the next. They’re all several cleaning methods and the one you use should depend on how unique and fragile your rug is. The safest and most widely used method is vacuuming. Dirt is the natural enemy of all wool rugs. Not only can it diminish the color of the rug but it can get into the fibers and cause them to wear sooner. Be sure to adjust the beater bar so that it’s high enough to remove dirt without harming the fibers. Flip the rug over and vacuum the underside to get any dirt that has settled into the backing. As a general rule, try to vacuum your rugs once a week. Another method to consider is steam cleaning. However, this method shouldn’t be used on antique or Persian rugs because of their more delicate nature. The rug may not dry properly and mildew could form. Dry powder and oxy-cleaners can be used but, again, are not recommended for authentic Persian rugs. Vacuuming is the safest method for Persians. For a more thorough cleaning of these rugs, consult a professional rug cleaner.

Rug cleaning services are the best choice for heavily soiled wool area rugs. Be sure to ask if the service knows how to clean rugs and not just carpets. Rugs are different from carpets and should not be cleaned in the same way. Home cleaning companies specialize in regular carpet cleaning and may not use the appropriate cleaning solutions and techniques needed to correctly clean your rug. Always use professional rug cleaning services to clean your antique Persian or Oriental rug. They not only have the right equipment for the job but also have the necessary knowledge to remove all dirt and cleaner. It will be thoroughly rinsed and dried well. Once all cleaning has been performed, the rug will be returned looking its absolute best.

A rug must be cleaned to remain in good condition. Minor rug cleaning can be performed in the home; however, detailed cleaning should be performed by a commercial rug cleaning specialist.