Don't force your lifestyle to fit into a wardrobe create bedroom wardrobes that fit your lifestyle

I never thought of “bedroom” as an appropriate word for well, the bedroom. You cannot take the meaning of the word bedroom literally if we take into consideration the other functions of this room. It doubles as a study room and of course, as a wardrobe closet of you don’t have a separate room to be your closet.

Cluttered books I can handle, but clothes lying around the floor or on the bed? That’s plain disgusting. Funny how I complain about the clutter when I’m also the reason why there’s clutter in the first place. I won’t be wearing books so it’s the clothes I really have to worry about.

Keep the Main Function

The key is to make the different functions of the bedroom to work together and still make the bedroom feel like a bedroom -not a library or a closet. Even when I can have both in my room, the bedroom function should be the common ground. How else can we create this sort of balanced feel in the room? Simple. We jut have to give everything it’s proper place.

Books or magazines for students or people who like to read, like me can simply be put away on shelves. Clothes are much more complicated. They require categorizing and proper organizing. They have to be folded or hung accordingly depending on the fabric and material. They also need to be sorted out.

Proper Bedroom Wardrobes

So you see, if you really want to give your clothes an appropriate place and if you really want to take care of them then you’ll be needing proper bedroom wardrobes. A simple closet or an average dresser will help you keep your clothes, but I’m not sure about these storage furniture being able to take good care of your clothes. They may not even be helpful for maintaining and organized bedroom.

Know Your Room

There are several designs for bedroom wardrobes. Picking the right bedroom wardrobe design starts with understanding your room first. Know the dimensions of your room. Try drawing a floor plan of your room and draw in the bedroom wardrobe you have in mind. Consider extra space for movement around your room, and remember that the wardrobe is only a second function.

Know Your Clothes

The next thing to consider is the clothes you have. Do you have a lot of clothes that need to be hung or more clothes that can be kept folded? Do you need more room for shoes and accessories? From the kind of clothes you have design the storage spaces and compartments you need.

For the design of the wardrobe itself, you can go for a wardrobe that is simple and readily displays itself as a storage furniture for your clothes or you can create a camouflaged look for your wardrobe. Cover the shelves and drawers with a sliding door that has an interesting design on its surface. Better yet, to create an illusion of added space, instead of plain doors, try and cover the doors with mirrors.

Getting the right design for bedroom wardrobes does not only depend on the current trend of designs but on your storage and organizing needs. Consider how the wardrobe design will help you keep your clothes in better condition longer and how the wardrobe design will affect your bedroom as a whole.