dress up a waterbed as easy as you can dress up a regular bed by choosing the right waterbed sheets

Unlike the regular mattresses, the waterbed has different features. It takes the right kind of sheets to cover a waterbed mattress. You cannot cover a waterbed mattress with sheets made for the regular mattresses and expect it to fit perfectly or to go with the nature of the waterbed mattress.


First of all, when it comes to size the waterbed sheets are made to be wide enough for the waterbeds. Compared to the average sheets, the waterbed sheets are larger. The size of the waterbed sheets however are not based on the size of the mattress alone. The larger sheets allow for more movement and serves as an allowance that can go with the flow of the movement of the “waves” of the waterbed.

Getting the right sheet size for your waterbed is very important. Other than taking the exact dimensions of the waterbed, also take into consideration that the surface of the waterbed is in constant motion. This is one feature of the waterbed that the sheets have to adjust with. You can get these sheets by getting the right measurements.

Crease Free

Just because there are wave like movements that occur on the waterbed mattress, it does not mean that there will be creases formed on the sheets. You will not have to worry about getting irritating creases because the waterbed sheets come in a set and the sheets are attached to one another either on the sides or the bottom to create a smooth and crease free surface despite the movement in the mattress.

A feature of the waterbed sheets that allows it to have a smooth surface finish is the deep pockets that allows the sheets to be pulled and tucked from underneath the waterbed mattress. The surface easily becomes smooth and crease free because of the pull of the sheets from beneath the waterbed.

Regular Feel in Waterbed Size

Waterbed sheets feel just like the regular sheets. They can have the same thread count and the same fabric as the sheets for the regular mattresses. It’s the size of the waterbed sheets that sets them apart from the rest. Don’t worry about sheets feeling like plastic. Just because It’s a waterbed, does not mean the sheets have to feel like fabrics used for swimwear and the like.

Other than size, another difference that the waterbed sheets have with the regular sheets is their availability. Waterbed sheets are not as abundant as the sheets for the regular mattresses. They do not come in similar amounts or varieties of style and design, not even color. If you have a waterbed it will really help to know your supplier and inquire for sources of the waterbed mattresses.

Although the waterbed is not as popular as the regular mattresses, still a significant amount of people get the kind of comfort they need that can wave them to sleep every time. If you are one of them, complete the experience with the right waterbed sheets. Use these guidelines for you to understand what the waterbed sheets are and how they are in the are in the market compared to the regular mattress sheets.