Superking sized bedding

Sleeping on a king sized bed is nothing short of super. The feeling it bring is similar to how a soft wonderland would be like to a tired giant, although someone as big may roll all over the place without the fear of falling off. Conversely, fitting a superking bedding for a super king sized bed could be a pain. Not only is it doubly harder to fit than the regular sized bed, it can also get confusing especially when the mattress or bed being installed in is of a unique shape as opposed to the regular rectangle mattress. Some king sized beds come in the shape of circles, stars, or even hearts! Here are a few tips to make sure that installing the bedding would be, apart from bearable, quite easy and simple.

Mark the territory

As aforementioned, installing beddings can be very confusing, what with the outrageous size and ridiculous shapes that some of these super beds come in. In order to make such installation easier, remember to put distinguishing marks that would serve as reminders where to begin the fitting. An example would be to either put a dot via a sharpy marker, or a safety pin at the edge of a superking bedding, as well as putting the same mark on the mattress or the bed to signify which part goes where. For odder shapes that do not have edges or sides such as circles or squigglies, put such marks on the bottom of the bed where the mattress is to be folded. That way, shape becomes no obstacle for the fitting of the bedding.

The folding factor

One may think that stuffing excess folds of the superking bedding under the mattress would be enough and, in fact, sufficient for installation. As a matter of fact, however, such mere stuffing would only hold the bedding for a temporary period of time. Once someone makes use of the bed and creases it with his or her (or their) weight and movement, the stuffing would be pulled out and the bedding would be undone. A proper way to install such bedding would be to create folds under the bed or mattress. It would be prudent to allot a proportionate inch or so differential for the whole of the bed in order for an even stuffing of the excess folds. After such stuffing, the edges (or convergent points for unevenly shaped beds) of the mattress should signify where the folds should be done. This is to ensure that there is the stuffing would be counter-held by the opposing fold from the other side of the edge. However, a more efficient idea would be to;

Secure the folds

Such act of securing the folds will hold the bedding in place despite the weight or movement that people lying on top might place on the bed. An initial idea would be to use safety pins. Most people, however, do not recommend this because of the potential harm it brings. For one thing, excessive weight or stress on the bed might cause the beddings to rip because of the pin. Also, if the beddings were to be undone and the pin was still attached to the sides, the sharp part would be a risk to the people on the bed. A better idea is to attach Velcro straps to secure the folds. That way, despite the possibility of the beddings being undone, no harm would come to the bed users.

Apart from this, the king sized bed should be adorned with pillows, comforters, and other sleeping accessories to ensure a comfortable and relaxing time for whosoever might be using the bed. Following the given tips, one might even have fun installing such bedding!