How can one make a lake house stand out amidst nature? Well, how about giving it a modern, chic and interesting design? This is exactly what Archibald Buero architect, Katrin Oggesen did for a lake house project in Germany.

The more traditional lake houses would usually have “rustic and rugged” designs as I would like to call them. This lake house on the other hand has gone the other way around, going bright and modern but without losing that cozy and nature-friendly feel that we expect all lake houses should be.

From afar, particularly looking at it from the back, you will notice that the structure resembles boxes casually placed on top of each other. This jagged and literally edgy look of the house cuts a bit through the calm environment surrounding it making it more eye-catching.

The geometric theme is carried out into the interior of the house. It keeps furnishings at a minimum prioritizing space and openness inside the house. This actually gives the impression that the house is able to breathe in the naturally relaxed atmosphere of the surroundings.

The tiled floors, glass windows and wooden ceiling portray patterns keeping the feel very modern yet still earthy in a way. The furniture are modern with a few leather seats, a hint of bright colors in a few areas and dramatic light fixtures, it actually feels like it’s been pulled off something retro.I am particularly fond of the structure of the huge folding-sliding doors found in the lanai area and the bedroom both opening to a breathtaking view of the lake.

This house may seem a bit too modern compared to most however, it has not lost the element which still makes it suitable as a house by the lake, and that is being a laid back, relaxed, nature-embracing getaway!