Are you one of those who dream about owning a stylish home on a mountain top someday? With all the advantages like the ultimate view, fresh air, plus truly being closer to the stars, who wouldn’t dream of it? But, have you ever considered living IN the mountain instead of ON it? Sounds unusual right? Well, this Underground home in Switzerland just might change your mind.

Christian Muller Architects and the Netherlands architects at SeArch have taken the underground home structure to greater heights or should I say, they’ve dug deeper into it? Underground homes have become popular over the years however this joint project definitely has a few more edges over most.

Built among residences in the mountain, within the village of Vals, one just might miss the stone and glass wall facade making up the entrance of this underground home. The entire structure of the house is buried under the hill. However, once you see the main entrance of the house, you will surely appreciate the modern architecture which was worked in both design and craft of the facade.

What will welcome you as you enter the main entrance of this underground masterpiece, is a wide outdoor area where homeowners entertain guests. The windows allow a view of the interior and so before you can even enter, you will see that the modern concept of the facade has been carried on through the rest of the house.

Guests can also have an alternative as to where they would like to enter or exit thanks to the underground pathway on the other end of the house which leads to the nearby barn. Either way, with the mountaintops surrounding the area, the view is always priceless.

They say the view from the top is always breathtaking and thrilling. However, an underground home as stylish as this one can prove that a view from within just may be more comforting. Plus, getting to move from one place to another from beneath the ground can also be quite an adventure.Now, who wouldn’t want to stoop down to your level?