Glass has done so much for both technology and beauty. It has even been used for illusions, of course we all know that the magicians always get away with their tricks thanks to a few mirrors.

However, magicians aren’t the only ones with a trick up their sleeves. Architects from Norway, Jarmund/Vigsnaes Arkitekter have found a way to use glass and its talent for illusions in a unique project–their very own version of “floating houses”, only this time they built a “floating roof”.

Ah, the beauty of glass. Humbly letting natural light through during the day, illuminating light bulbs at night, and creating that open feel to a space it encloses. Naturally the idea of the floating roof is to make it appear that there is no support whatsoever from the ground, and sure enough glass is the perfect material to make that illusion.

Although the interiors and the glass walls of this house will surely classify it as modern, the design of the roof was kept uniform to the neighboring traditional homes in the area. Still, standing out, or floating above the rest rather, won’t be a problem. The design may be similar to the other homes but with the glowing windows and the floating appearance it has from a distance, people will surely notice something missing on the house.

The main floor is enclosed in glass allowing only but a little privacy. Another strategy that I have noticed with the interiors is that they used earth tones for both the facades and the fixtures. Again another brilliant way to blend in with the natural surroundings and keep the roof afloat.

On the other hand the roof, which holds the second floor of the house is enclosed. This “floating” level holds the bedrooms and bathrooms keeping homeowners secure and enclosed from the curious. At night, the roof and it’s few windows give a glow that draws attention to it and away from the main glass-enclosed floor.

Believe it or not, this amazing work of art is a farmhouse in the UK used by homeowners as a vacation house! With a floating roof like that, I’m sure this family has reached the retreat house of their dreams.