Studies have shown that one way to relieve tired eyes from stress is by looking at the color green. They say that this color calms and soothes the eyes. No wonder why architects from Gluck & Partners have incorporated the treehouse concept to their little reading nook project in Olive Bridge, New York.

Formally known as The Scholar’s Library, this modern structure is a treehouse in its own right. Whoever said tree houses should only be built on tree tops must have loved the climb a lot more than the house itself.

This reader’s retreat within a wooded lot is a 20 by 20 by 20ft cube with only the reading area on the upper level visible through the huge sliding glass windows enclosing it. The first level keeps this treehouse’s most priced possession–a library of no less than 10,000 books! Feel your little bookworm heart pounding?

It is the ultimate getaway for readers. With the wide sliding windows allowing both the relaxing view of the trees and the cool breeze of air in, I’m sure they’d pick this treehouse over an old city library any day. From the level of the reading area, readers may even feel like they are sitting on a tree branch only this time it’s just more comfortable. Just open the windows completely and enjoy the breeze and the view!

The structure of the treehouse is definitely very modern from its exterior structure to the minimalist yet relaxed theme of the interiors. It’s like extending the modern feel of New York but softening it a little to keep it at bay with the rest of nature.

Whether you’re searching for an alternative to the traditional library, somewhere quiet to read or even right your book, or you just want to relax your eyes and stare at a view that’s stress relieving, a treehouse like this one is just the perfect place to be.