The house is home to happy childhood memories and the best one’s any child would have usually comes from playtime. Homeowners of this simple yet fun cantilever house knows this for sure!
Built on a hillside in the beautiful city of Kansas, Missouri this house is a very simple structure that highlights the beauty of nature. The exterior of the house seems to be a very minimalist and nothing over the top to really capture your attention. However the beauty of this house is in its function and the great comfort it brings to the homeowners.

From the interior point of the house, you can easily see how the windows play a really important role. Because of these large windows the living areas of the house feels larger and refreshing. The windows seem to frame the natural beauty of the trees surrounding the house making them look like they are part of the interior decors.

Another reason why homeowners kept this house simple instead of stylish was to give way to playtime. Remember how kids can see something simple but then they use their imaginations–then they start to have fun? Sadly most adults have forgotten how that feels and it usually takes something more complicated to get them interested.

Of course making room for play doesn’t mean you can’t make room for chic interiors. The interiors are made up of hand-made fixtures, natural wooden floors, and of course the stylish fire place still keeping a very minimalist concept. All these components make the interior very cozy.
Homeowners have also maximized the slope beneath the cantilever of the house by installing swings both the kids and adults enjoy! Children will surely love growing up in this simple and playful home.