Breville products are made of 100% stainless steel material that will last a lifetime

There are so many juicing appliances on sale today it is quite hard to know which one is the best for our own needs. Admittedly, whatever machine we purchase will be able to make a fruit and vegetable juice so we cannot go far wrong. However there is a big difference between a good juicer and a great juicer. In this juicer review I will discuss the Breville range of centrifugal juicing machines with particular focus on the Breville JE98XL.

Breville make kitchen appliances that are functional and look good. They are famous for their attention to design. Often their products have a distinctive look about them. This often involves black and stainless steel, or a silver color. Their juicers are no different. There are quite a few different models. Some of the most popular (from cheapest to most expensive) include the BJE200XL, the JE98XL, the BJE510XL and the 800JEXL. The more you pay the more stylish the machine you get will be. The cheapest machine costs under $100 and its outer body is plastic. While the most expensive model is about $300 and its outer body is made entirely of stainless steel. So a large part of what you pay is for the design of the unit.

The mid-priced models, the JE98XL and the BJE510XL offer good value for money. They look good and they also have a bit more than just the basic features. Admittedly, the BJE510XL looks nicer than the JE98XL. But they are pretty similar in their operation. Another difference is that the BJE510XL has five separate speed settings while the JE98XL only has two. I say “only” but this is in fact the same as the most expensive 800JEXL. So for under $200 you can get an attractive Breville juicer with dual speed functionality. It costs more than their budget model but offers great value. You should try to read a few more Breville juicer reviews before you make your final decision.