Turquoise is opaque, with colors ranging from blue to green hues

Is Turquoise Your Colour?

Turquoise, a  greenish tone of cyan, is based on the mineral of the same name. The turquoise gem is considered rare and valuable in finer grades, and treasured by many cultures as an ornamental stone that also serves as a talisman against bad luck.

Turquoise is opaque, with colors ranging from blue to green hues with pastel shades that have made it popular to the emperors and mandarins of china to the pharaohs of Egypt and the nabobs of Persia. Its name comes from the French word for Turkey, turquie and it was from Turkey where the gem was typically bought. The fascination with this gem and its color has survived the ages. In 2010, Pantone named Turquoise as the 2010 color of the year.

A major player in the professional color industry, Pantone exerts an extensive influence in the fashion and home décor industries. With turquoise being named color of the year, you will definitely find more and more items in that color especially in the fashion industry. From scarves to bags, to belts and shoes – accessories made in this color make for excellent additions to your wardrobe.

Turquoise shoes will add a splash of color to your dark coats and neutral pieces – whether they be for business getups or casual dressing. Turquoise is more often associated with summer or spring, however darker shades of turquoise will make your winter wardrobe pop.

Wear your turquoise high heel shoes with your blues, and you will get that classic cool look that is quite easy on the eyes. Your turquoise shoes will also complement neutral colors such as black, brown, white and beige, or ecru. Perk up a somber business suit or a rather boring all black suit with darker-hued turquoise shoes in pumps or wedges.

Lighten up the mood with turquoise shoes in flats and sandals and dress down in white or yellow cotton frocks. Make a daring splash with your colors and take out your turquoise shoes with a bold red or pink blouse alongside your classic denims. Turquoise is perfect with green, it livens up the color even more so pick up that dull green shift you have been pushing to the back of your closet. Give it a zing with a pair of bright turquoise shoes and see how the color brighten up a notch.

It is not what you would call a classic color, but turquoise shoes are a good way to boost your wardrobe with a cool color that works well with everything from your classics to your trendier pieces.