Designing a fresh and modern look for your bathroom can add so much value to your home

Designing a fresh and modern look for your bathroom can add so much value to your home. Specifically, a modern shower design creates a private space to begin your day invigorated or lets you relax and unwind before bed. Before you get started on your shower remodel, consider these basic design areas.

Shower Enclosures
It’s essential to choose the right enclosure for your shower. The cheapest option is a traditional shower curtain, but they often collect mold. A shower door will make your bathroom look more “finished” and admit plenty of light so it feels larger and you have to use less electricity while getting ready. Aside from the common sliding shower door, you may choose from bi fold shower doors or frameless shower doors.

Tile or Liner
Many people debate whether to install tiles in their showers or to opt for an acrylic or plastic shower liner. Liners have many advantages over tiles in that they are easy to install and maintain, and often they are much less expensive. However, some people think that liners look cheap, which may diminish your bathroom’s appeal to potential home buyers. While there are many options as far as textures and colors when it comes to shower inserts and liners, they don’t begin to compare to the wide range of tile materials on the market. Tile allows you to make a creative statement as part of your shower design.

Choosing the Right Shower Head
Aesthetic issues aside, your shower experience is ultimately determined by how well your shower head works. Whether you prefer a soft, gentle rain or a more massaging shower setting, there is a style of shower head out there that is right for you. Adjustable heads offer several different settings so everyone in your family can be satisfied. You might also consider purchasing a handheld shower, which is useful when bathing kids or pets, or even when you’re cleaning the shower.