house windows can look stylish when they are kept clean

People say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. When I apply this saying to home décor, I’d say the windows are our eyes to the world –which is literally true. Windows are among the most basic and essential parts of the house. A house without windows can look like it could be a suffocating place or it is a fortress that won’t allow air to come in.

Bring in Light and Life

Windows bring in life to the interior of the house. It allows natural light to come in which is really helpful during daytime for people to save on electric energy. Also the natural light it brings in creates a warm and inviting feel in the interior of the house. Without windows, the interior of the house may feel like it’s night time.

From the interior of the house the windows are a sweet escape. They open the house to beautiful sceneries like a garden or a view of nature. Windows are so much better than paintings hang on the wall. They are frames of life itself, they are naturally decorative. They also allow the natural breeze of the wind to come in and give the interior of the house a refreshing feel.

Open to Dirt

But because windows are exposed to the outdoors they are easily prone to dirt. They have to be constantly kept clean. As much as windows are supposedly assets to the home, improper maintenance can make it a disadvantage as well. Since most windows are made of glass, dirt that accumulates on the windows will easily be seen and people have to make it a habit to clean their windows regularly.

Keeping Windows Clean

There are available detergents for windows. When washing windows, always start from top to bottom. I use to do this from bottom up, and I realized this way had me doing the cleaning process twice because the dirt dripping from the top windows all went down the already cleaned bottom windows. Also, try using cloth that does not have flint or fibers that would stick on the glass because they look as unattractive as dirt.

Make sure to clean the frames as well. Clean parts of the window will not only make it look presentable but it will keep it from mold and mildew which will weaken it and make it even more prone to wearing and damages.

Dress Them Up

Lastly, after giving the windows a shower, dress it up fancy. Well, what I mean is, it always helps to have window treatments on windows. not only do they draw attention to the windows but they also help in controlling privacy and unwanted natural light to enter the house through the windows.

Clean as well as stylish windows will surely go a long way. This can also be a great, easy and inexpensive way to change the look and feel on the home. House windows will always be their unlike furniture and fixtures that can simply be removed. Because of this we have to take good care of them and make sure they function well and they look well enough to function too.