choosing the right horse rugs and keeping them in shape can change your riding experience

Horse riders know how important horse rugs are. Horse rugs are just like jackets for the horse. Horses do not have thick fur. Their hair is not enough to keep them warm. This is why they need the horse rugs –to keep them warm when the climate becomes really too cold even for the horses.

Working Both Ways

But horse rugs are not only made for the horses. They also play an important role in making it comfortable for the rider to mount on the horse. This is why the horse rug can be the difference between an easy and comfortable ride or an uneasy and uncomfortable ride for both the rider and his horse.

Navajo: Race Rugs

Horse rugs can vary depending on what they are used for. There are special horse rugs that go well with saddles for racing. This is the Navajo Horse rugs. These large rugs that are thinner and easy to wash. Horses will surely feel comfortable despite having the saddle on.

Rugs for Show

On the other hand there are also horse rugs made for shows. These are more popularly known as the show blankets. These blankets are dressed on the horses when are entered in a horse show. The most important thing you should remember about this type of horse rug is that it should high light the natural beauty of the horse and not over shadow or cover it. It’s just like choosing the right color of clothes for your own complexion.

The Latest Trend: Air Filled Pads

The latest trend in horse rugs is the air filled pads. The air filled technology is designed to make the ride even more comfortable for the rider and the weight even more bearable for the horse.

No matter what kind of horse rug you use on your horse always remember that you need to take good care of them for you to keep your horse comfortable and warm and for you to have a comfortable ride. The constant use of the rugs can lead the rugs to wear and tear.

Keeping the Rugs from Becoming Rags

Cleaning the horse rugs will also depend on the type of horse rugs they are. But there are general guidelines for cleaning them properly. There are horse rugs that can be cleaned and washed in the washing machine. Some are light enough to be hand washed.

These rugs usually come with instructions on how to clean them properly. Make sure to use the right cleansing soaps and detergents for the different types of fabric used for the rug. Also use the appropriate brush, one that will not damage the fabric of the rug or change its texture. After cleaning simply dry properly.

Taking care of the horse rugs is equivalent to taking care of the horse and your riding experience. Enjoy having these horse rugs by choosing the appropriate ones for their particular uses and make sure to keep them clean to prevent them from easily getting worn and damaged. Your horse will surely appreciate the comfort they get from the right horse rug you choose and you will surely enjoy more comfortable rides on your horse.