Security is a factor you need to consider when installing laminate flooring on stairs.

You gain many benefits when you install laminate on the stairs of your home, especially if the other rooms have laminate flooring too. This is because using the same models and styles all throughout the house adds visual unity and integrity. Furthermore, it makes the room appear larger. And because it is available in many styles, colors and shadows, you have more choices when choosing a floor that goes well with the rest of the interior decorating scheme.

There is not much difference in the installation of engineered floors in stairways than in installing the floor in another location. In fact, it may even be easier to do the project yourself. It can be done on a weekend. You need to stick it hard into the ground to make sure it won’t budge after exposure to daily traffic. You can also use Brad Nail on the floor and cover the hole with decoration in the future. You need not put any sub-layer laminate or ensure the expansion of space, because the entire floor is glued down. Then you can install quarter-round trim along the edge of the floor and the top of the riser.

Do not underestimate the importance of the adhesive you use to install laminate flooring on stairs. Determine the brand recommended by the laminate’s manufacturer and change your preference as necessary. Get a complete set of installation guide and carefully follow the instructions for best results. Surely you can avoid this hassle by hiring a professional installer, but really you can do the project quickly and easily. Be sure to clean the excess glue with a clean dry cloth to prevent unsightly stains.

Security is another factor you need to consider when installing laminate flooring on stairs. Some engineered floors or tiles can be too slippery and very bright for children and the elderly to walk on. It would be wise for you to shop around and look for a floor with a slight shade. You can also install handrails on the stairs as an additional security precaution.