A Glass display cabinet is usually is placed in a prominent area.

A glass display cabinet is a perfect addition to any home. It is a big advantage to have at least one in your home, to both showcase and secure your favorite china, photographs, trophies, dolls, antiques or even memorabilia. The advantage lies in the fact that your treasures as it were, find a great vantage point from where to be displayed, and they can be secured by a lock system in the cabinet. Also you should not forget that these items would have probably been in hiding in some storage area otherwise. If you add the point that you need not clean these items individually as regularly as before they were enclosed safely in a glass display cabinet, then it’s a win-win situation.

Although you might not have to clean the pieces individually as religiously as before you still need to clean the glass cabinet. This is because a glass display cabinet or a wall display cabinet with glass in it, is usually is placed in a prominent area. You might be even showcasing some of your choicest silver there. One thing to remember about a glass display cabinet is that it has glass and wood as its base. So when you clean your glass display cabinet, clean each type separately and with different techniques. Always dry-dust your glass display cabinet before cleaning it with any liquid.

You can use your own cleaning mixture made with water and vinegar and apply it. You can also use a mild alkaline mixture, as glass is resistant to it. Normal window cleaning products will be just fine for this. Always clean the glass areas first and then the wood ones. The wooden parts of the cabinet usually are varnished. So be gentle when cleaning them and use water and soap. Clean it well!