Lighting at the Dining room

Lighting can make a home go from good to great. Great lighting sets the mood of any room. Sometimes harsh fluorescent lights in a bedroom and living room can affect your ability to focus and your all-around feeling. It’s important to determine what each room will be used for and what kind of lighting will promote the kind of mood you would like to be in when you are in that room.

Scones are one way to get mood lighting. Sconces are usually ceramic, glass or porcelain fixtures that are mounted onto the wall. They can give a really dim lit, romantic and classy vibe. They are great if you want a little light but not too much. Most people get sconce lighting on a dimmer so you can choose if you want more or less light. They are perfect for dining rooms. At cocktail hour you may want the room a little more lit because guests are walking around and talking to each other. When the sit down dinner comes around, you can lower the lights for a beautifully lit dinner. Sconces come in all different styles and are affordable from large home stores and online companies.

Another lighting option is candle chandeliers. These are perfect to help make a grand entrance into your home. They can be used in the foyer or dining room. They really brighten a room and bring a lot of elegance into the environment. While they aren’t usually used in bedrooms, they absolutely can be. They are perfect for large spaces with big ceilings. For convenience, you can purchase electronic lights so you don’t have to constantly be lighting them. However, the real candle looks amazing–just be careful and don’t burn down the house!

Lastly, count on dimmers for any lighting to set a mood. You don’t have to worry about lighting settings when buying lighting fixtures these days because dimmers take care of it all. It’s a little bit of installation, but worth all the work and every penny. There are such a variety of dimmer options online these days that you will probably find anything you are looking for. Make sure when looking for dimmers, that you choose an item that has lots of settings. That way you can decide the lighting of each room and you can even get a remote that programs all rooms at different settings. That is great because when you get home from work, the last thing you want do is mess around with lighting. With one click of the remote you can transform a badly lit room into an amazing lit environment. For more home and garden tips, visit Advice Genie.