The vanities allow you to use the bathroom space effectively

Bathroom vanities are more than just a sink in your bathroom. They are decorative pieces which are also storage utilities in the bathroom. You can store all your regular items in the shelves below the sink. The vanities allow you to use the bathroom space effectively. There are different kinds of vanities available in the market. They are made of different materials and cost according to the materials they are made of. Most popular is the wooden vanities which can be found in beautifully carved designs.

Bathroom vanities are of two types the single one and the double vanities. The single vanity has only one sink and can be used in bathrooms that have a small space. In case you have large bathrooms you can use the double vanities which have two sinks as well as enough storage space. You can choose the colors and style according to the decor of your bathroom. In homes where there are two individuals staying together the double vanity will be really useful.

Choosing one of the best vanities for your bathroom can be an easy task if you look at the Pegasus bathroom vanities. They have a wide collection of vanities which could be suitable for any style of bathroom. The products used to manufacture these are of high quality and durability. They are perfectly designed to give your bathroom perfect harmony with the bathroom decor.

One of the designs you can consider is the classic bathroom vanity which has straight line design. It has all standard features with all necessary cabinets and drawers. They come in various colors that range from black to oak to white and beige. You can also look for great combination from these to spruce up your bathroom. There are different varieties of the counter-tops as well which are made of wood, granite or marble.

While choosing the vanity you need to match it to the interior design of your home. For modern homes there are a lot of varieties to choose from. If your home is traditional, you can choose from extremely artistic and decorative designs to go well with the traditional style of your home. These kinds of vanities are not only decorative they are functional as well. You can also choose from the round Pegasus bathroom vanities to give the bathroom a special look.

To add value you can use the Pegasus vanity mirrors to your bathroom vanities. The mirrors range from stained brown finish to black sleek finish. They are simple to install either in your bathroom, hallway or your bedroom. The size of the mirror you choose will depend on the size of the vanity you have. The vessel sinks also come in different sizes and styles. You need to choose the color and styles to enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom to look more attractive. With such a wide variety to choose from, you can make your bathroom look extremely stylish by choosing the appropriate style and color from the Pegasus bathroom vanities.