Having a Rubbermaid shed in your backyard is very useful because you can store almost anything that you use for your backyard in there

A Brief History of Rubbermaid

The Rubbermaid company had it’s humble beginnings back in 1927 when the ‘Wear-Ever Pots and Pans Company’ purchased ‘The Wooster Rubber Company’. A few years later James and Madeline Caldwell had an idea to create rubber products that could be brightly colored. They received a patent for their new bright red rubber dustpan in 1933. The Caldwell’s dustpan did not bend out of shape and it was safe to use without damaging plaster walls when it was hung on a wall as the old metal dust pan was. They called their rubber kitchen products Rubbermaid. Shortly after getting their first patent James Caldwell started with the Wooster Rubber Company and brought his Rubbermaid creations to the party.

Rubbermaid Today

Today almost everyone has heard pf Rubbermaid and knows about the wide variety of rubber products made by the company. Almost every household has Rubbermaid products somewhere. It could be a garbage can, lunch and food savers or our topic today, Rubbermaid Storage Sheds. Some of the best and most popular storage sheds today are made by Rubbermaid and it is recognized as a major leader in the storage product industry.

Popular Rubbermaid Sheds

The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed is one of the most common and frequently used varieties of sheds. The convient horizontal shape makes it easy to place items in and out. People use this type of shed both indoors and outdoors. Common uses for this storage shed include: toys, garden tools, shop tools, patio supplies and other accessories.

The Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed is of average size but has about twice the capacity of the horizontal shed. Rather than one simple flip top it has two large doors that provide additional protection and security. It is also a lot easier to simply walk-in to the shed to store items. It is used for similar storage requirements but is able to handle items which are a bit larger.

The Rubbermaid Slide Lid Shed holds a bit more still and with it’s retractable roof it makes moving items in and out a breeze. Similarly it’s cousin, the Split Lid shed  is an improvement in that it still offers a retractable roof and also has sliding doors. It is however, considerably smaller in size and volume.

These are just a few of the Rubbermaid Storage Sheds available today. The Rubbermaid company is committed to creating new varieties of sheds to face any storage need.