You can turn your attic into something like this with the right information and determination

One of the most little used rooms in any home has to be the attic. For many people, this hidden treasure is used as a storeroom or lumber room, with old furniture, boxes of unused clothing, baby stuff that is out of commission, and old love letters stuffed inside it. These are all the things that you don’t really need or use but think that you cannot part with them. You probably almost never look at them and they will probably stay up there gathering dust until you next move house.

However, you could use your attic for a variety of purposes rather than just as wasted space. To start with, even if you only want to use it for storage, it would be a good idea to go through everything you have there to see if you really want to keep it, and if you do you should make sure that you are stacking it efficiently so that you can make the best use of the available space. You can also expand your use of this storage room. Conditions in your attic may, for example, make it the ideal place for storing your wine collection.

If, on the other hand, you need an office to work in quietly from home, undisturbed by the rest of the family, you could do a lot worse than use your attic. You can decorate it tastefully and inexpensively, with a neat area rug, your office equipment, and some family photos and pictures. Make sure that the attic is connected to the house’s electric circuit so that you can use your computer up there. Paint the walls simply and put a vase of flowers up there for a bit of color. Being in the attic will give you the quiet that you need to improve your concentration, and you have that bit of extra room without detracting from the rest of your house or having to build.

Similarly, you may want to convert your attic into a small extra bedroom. If you do, make sure that there is easy access – more than just a simple rope ladder. Air is even more important than if it is your office because someone will be sleeping there and will need good air to breathe. Make sure that the lighting is adequate as well. Again, you can paint the walls a refreshing color and put up some nice pictures and wall decorations, making the room feel more like a bedroom than an attic. Put a floral rug on the floor for a little decoration and add a small cupboard for storing clothing. If you are really creative, only the sloping ceiling and the rafters will give away the fact that you are in the attic.

Again, if you are sleeping up there, you have to be a little more sensitive to whether it is cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter. As you are sleeping in the roof, you also need to make absolutely sure that there are no leaks and that the attic is properly insulated so that it does not pose a potential health hazard.