Cricut Cartridges can allow you to customize your card to what you want it to be

This summer we have seen  quite a few new Cricut Lite Cartridges and they quickly have become very popular with crafters everywhere. Here’s our review list of the latest most popular and top rated Cricut Cartridges:

The Cricut Wild Card

Coming at number one is Wildcard. This cartridge proves to be the best rated for making cards and envelopes. It is no surprise that this versatile cartridge is in the#1.  So many crafters are focused almost exclusively on card making for any number of reasons. The Wild Card is full of shaped cards and the envelops which can be used as they come or in diffeent combinations to create a  unique combo.

Old West

Traditionally a favorite, the Old West Cricut Cartridge comes in at #2.  This cartridge, as you may have guessed has a cowboy and cowgirl themes. It offers a  great selection of boots, horses, hats and of course cowboy images –  there are actually more than fifty of these western themed images available.

Snow Friends Seasonal Cricut

In 3rd spot it’s no big surprise that this Cricut Cartridge always appears in the list of most popular cartridges. It interesting to note that a cartridge like this which is so seasonally oriented makes it into the ranks of the most popular. One would think the demand would be quite low at any time of the year than winter but it maintains enough demand to always stay close to the top. It just shows how big a market ‘Christmas’ is for crafts and card making.

Cricut Meow Lite

This one is not as big a surprise as a matter of fact it’s one you would expect to receive high rating and popularity. Afterall, cute kittens and cats never go out of style and have year round staying power. We’re surprised this one didn’t beat out the winter ‘Snow’ theme. What is interesting to note is that this is the first feline themed Cricut Cartridge ever created. We would have thought this would have been done a long time ago and that not only that but you would think there would be many of these cat themes out there.

George and Basic Shapes

To round out our top 5 Cricut Cartridge list is really what we consider to be a ‘must have’ cartridge. George and Basic Shapes gives you an excellent collection of fonts and shapes which you are sure to use over and over again.

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