make your room look bigger with white bunk beds against bright bedroom walls

Going to the lake with your family in the summer and sleeping in a cabin won’t be complete without the bunk bed. The dorm feel incorporated with the vacation atmosphere makes the whole getaway a lot more memorable. Back in the day when adults stayed in separate rooms, I remembered how we had more fun because we had to share an entire room and fight over the top and bottom bunks.

Bunk Benefits

For big families living in houses with not enough rooms, the bunk bed is the ultimate space saver. Even when people have to share a room, they get to keep their own bed space which still allows them to enjoy personal space.

Using a bunk bed all comes down to one major goal and that is to accommodate people in room with limited space. The bunk bed provides people enough room the way several regular single beds cannot give us. So whether it’s for accommodating more people in a vacation cottage or it’s so every child in the house gets his or her bed, the bunk beds definitely deliver.

But getting any type of bunk bed may not be enough to really help with the space in the room. Yes it “physically” saves space in the room, but it should also contribute to how the room feels. The bunk bed should not only help save floor space, it should contribute in giving the room an illusion that it is bigger than it actually is.

Go White

A white bunk bed for example can help to brighten up the room. Since the beds, no matter what structure or design they are in, are the focal point of the bedroom they should open up the eyes and boost up the room –not shrink it. White is a good color and it’s easy to pair with any bedding or go with any wall color.

Matching Colors

However like I would mix and match clothes there are still colors that would bring out the beauty of a white bunk bed more, and the bunk bed would return the favor.

First of all let’s go back to the size of the room. We use the bunk bed as a remedy for the limited space. As the case goes, the room should be painted a bright color to make it look larger. You can paint it white, but then all that white may backfire and your might get the opposite effect you’re going for.

Try a white bunk bed against walls with painted with soft pastel colors or bright colors. The softness of the walls will be carried out with the bed and the room will have a harmonious look. The white bunk beds against the bright walls will also help it to stand out at the same time.

If ever you’re in the process of choosing a color for your bunk beds, might as well choose a white one. It’s a color that easily goes with other colors, it naturally brightens up the room, and everything falls into a clean, simple and classic finish.