Ease and convenience with window tinting

Curtains used to be the only window treatment that gave protection from the outside, apart from the window itself of course. Then came blinds and shades of different styles and makes to cater for the specialized needs of home owners. Today, there are several variations of these window treatments that contribute to the style and aesthetic value of any room. However, don’t you just wish for something that’s less complicated and easier to use?

Less Complicated

As such I was quite skeptical when I first heard of tinting for my home windows. Window tints are for cars after all and it just seemed very unusual to put tints on your home windows. I have to confess, though, that now I am a believer. After applying window tints, our home windows set up has become simple yet effective.

The reason why people use shades or blinds is that there is no other conceivable option to block out the sun. Otherwise, they won’t even deal with complicated cord mechanisms brought about by modern shades and blinds. Thanks to home window tinting, people can enjoy the view outside through untreated windows without being blinded by the bright sun.

Special Features

It may seem like something out of a science fiction novel, window tints are available today that adjust to the level of brightness or heat outside. This said technology is being used in sunglasses worn by military men for outdoor exercises and skirmishes. Instead of drawing a pair of shades when it gets too bright, your window will adjust by itself to accommodate the level of brightness in the room.

One-way window tints are also available as a special window tint feature that transforms your home windows into one way mirrors. Once installed, you can now go about your business without having to worry about your privacy being intruded upon by neighbors or onlookers.  The best thing about it, though, is that you can still see what happens outside. In essence, window tints are like having automatic window shades.

Specific Users

Window tints, however, are for specific homeowners. My house, for example, leaves the air conditioning unit open almost 24/7. As such, our windows are glass panes that are often shut. Window tinting is perfect for houses such as mine because we don’t have to fiddle with our windows just to get ventilation or sunlight.

Still, window tinting can be for everyone. For people who would want to experience the convenience of window tinting without having to give up window access to the outside world, I suggest that you complement your use with sliding window screens. That way, you can still keep part of your windows tinted while letting in a cool summer breeze.