These are actually a thick flat woven piece of material that is traditionally hand woven in India.

There are all sorts of unique traditional floor pieces that you can use in your home these days. One of these is the dhurrie rugs. This piece of covering is quite favored by many homeowners for its ease of use, and for its wide availability today. You too should try using one in your home.

What exactly are these dhurries? These are actually a thick flat woven piece of material that is traditionally hand woven in India. Originally, these pieces were used for more than just floor coverings. The smaller sized ones like the 12” by 12” were placed on tables as table covers. They are also used under vases and even the house telephone. They add a decorative touch to the tables in the living room. The medium sized ones are often used as prayer mats. Larger ones which are sometimes as large as 20’ by 30’ are used as floor pieces.

Till today you can find these dhurrie rugs for sale in many different sizes. Thanks to their varied sizes, you can use them anywhere you like. This is one of their attractions. With their many sizes you can place them in any space all around your house.

Besides their sizes, dhurrie rugs are made from natural materials like cotton, wool, silk and even jute. As these are all lightweight materials, you can easily fold them up and move them to any spot you like as often as you desire. Being made from natural materials like wool and cotton also mean that they are easy to care for. This makes them even more attractive for home use.

And of course, who can deny the fact that dhurrie rugs for sale make up some of the most colorful pieces you can ever find in terms of floor rugs. They have designs and color combinations that catch the eyes. Many of these still retain their old world charm in terms of designs, but many are now sporting European influences. So you can still use one in a very contemporary setting. And guess what, since these dhurries are reversible, you can place them on any side you want. Use them on alternate sides and they will get even wear for your rug.

Dhurrie rugs can be quite striking in the home. Try one out today. Whether you use them in the living room, dining area, or even your bedroom, you will surely love the end result.