Learning how to tile a shower floor takes a lot of work and time

Shower floors are cool and all because you use them and you look nice. Speaking in terms of interior design, they provide flare by complementing the design of your bathroom wall and ceiling, as well as your other components. Functionally, shower floors serve as that base where you step on when you bathe, and it is also where the drainage system passes through in order to let out the water from the shower space. Despite being an important part of your bathroom, I believe, as an interior designer, that is it not a loss to be ignorant of shower tile installation procedure.

The Disadvantages of Learning How to Install a Tile Shower Floor

Learning how to make a tile shower floor is okay if you’ll be using it on a regular basis. In that way, you’ll be sure to actually exercise your knowledge, as opposed to just letting it rot in your brain. For most people, that will be how it is when they learn how to tile a shower floor pan. By profession, people have other careers to prioritize. Learning how to build a tile shower floor is a waste of time for something you would not do every time.

Prefabricated shower pans are preferable for an easier installation

Learning how to tile a shower floor pan would also take time, which could have been spent for the purpose of furthering your career achievements or bonding with your family. Instead, you’ll be stuck with your laptop reading online articles from uncertified online experts on how to install tiles with perhaps some supplemental videos from You Tube. Even if you finish your self-imposed lessons, are you even sure that it would be enough to sustain a shower base construction?

Requirements on How to Build a Tile Shower Floor

Besides, learning how to tile a shower floor is not as easy as putting on tiles. Even the latter example, for me at least in my professional opinion as an interior designer, is an unnecessary skill to learn. Apart from the actual laying of your ceramic tiles, learning how to build a shower floor base requires knowledge in plumbing, which is difficult to achieve if you’re starting from scratch. Building custom tile shower floors is considered to be a specialty skill that an ordinary layman would be expected to master.

A beautifully-tiled shower floor will go a long way for you and your family's benefit

If I were you, and I would not be because I really do not want to learn how to build a shower floor, I’d go for the prefabricated shower pans available in hardware stores or specialty bathroom shops. These prefabricated shower pans are made out of acrylic and can be molded to form the base of you shower set up. It is easier to install, compared to a custom tile shower base wherein you need to have set your ceramic tiles apart from lining the drainage with the main drainage pipeline.

There is a substantial difference between being smart and being stingy. If you want to learn how to tile and install a shower floor just so you can save money, that is not being smart. A lot of harm can come to you and your family during the installation and even when using the set up itself in case it is improperly installed. I personally recommend going for a contractor if you really want a custom shower floor, because there are just some things you should spend for, and your family’s safety and convenience is one of them.